Block Unnecessary Ads.
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Install iBlockAds to stop annoying ads, upgrade your browser speeds, and secure yourself online.

With iBlockAds, you can improve the capability of your device. Here’s how:

It Blocks

  • No annoying pop-ups or banners
  • No loud video ads
  • No unnecessary Cryptocurrency mining ads


  • Scan possibly harmful links
  • Hide your personal data
  • Detect spyware and bugs

Saves Traffic

  • Save battery power
  • Save mobile data
  • Attune internet usage rules

Is Multifunctional

  • Upgrade loading speed
  • Control system performance
  • Refine HTTPS sites

iBlockAds - The Ad Blocking Software Which Truly Blocks

iBlockAds is an extensive ad blocker that fulfills all of your expectations. It blocks annoying pop-ups, loud video ads, flash banners, banners having malware code, and internet bugs that collect your personal information. iBlockAds makes your browser, apps, instant messages, and games completely ads-free.