About iBlockAds

What is iBlockAds

iBlockAds is an extension to block ALL ads from users browsers. Members install the extension and for a fee of $9 per month, after a free 7 day free trial, they are able to have all of their ads blocked from all sites. This allows you to customize your web experience. You can block disturbing ads, disable tracking and much more. The extension is available for all major desktop browsers.

How does iBlockAds work?

When browsing the web, you can choose what you wish to see by using filter lists to block undesirable elements, such as ads or tracking.

What are filter lists?

Filter lists are basically a set of rules that tell your browser which elements to block. One can block as much or as little as you wish. You can either choose from pre-made, externally maintained filter lists or can also create your own. Almost all pre-made filter lists are created, maintained and published for users by users under open source licenses.
Many ads possess tracking built in and some of them may even include malware. Because of this reason, iBlockAds by default provides certain levels of tracking and malware protection. In order to increase your protection, you can add additional tracking and malware filter lists, as per your wish.

Default filter lists

When you install iBlockAds, the following filter lists get enabled by default:

Blacklisted Ads

This is a filter list that blocks ads as per your browser’s language settings.

Acceptable Ads

This is a feature that supports a better web by permitting non-obtrusive, respectful ads that are in accordance with the Acceptable Ads criteria agreed upon by the Acceptable Ads Committee.

This list is open source. Wish to block all ads? You can Click here to learn how. These filter lists are enabled so as to get you started. You can keep them, remove them, modify them, and / or add other filter lists - as per your wish.

Does iBlockAds collect any user data?

iBlockAds do not specifically collect any user data. Most of the user data, such as the websites you visit is never sent to the servers.

How is iBlockAds financed?

iBlockAds’ main source of revenue comes as part of the Acceptable Ads initiative, managed by an independent committee.